Matter3D Carbon Fiber PETg

  • December 9, 2021 8:52 pm
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  • Category : Filament
  • Brand : Matter3D
  • Model : Carbon Fiber PETg


  • 0C)
  • Matte finish
  • Superior chemical resistance when compared to ABS
  • Amorphous structure giving it low, near isotropic shrinkage
  • Low moisture absorption, 3x lower than ABS
  • Very low odor while printing
  • Wide processing range from 230-270°C

Chemical Resistance of PETG:

Unstressed tensile bars molded of PETG exhibit good resistance to dilute aqueous solutions of mineral acids, bases, salts, and soaps, as well as aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, and a variety of oils. Halogenated hydrocarbons, short chain length ketones, and aromatic hydrocarbons still dissolve or swell the plastic.

Abrasive Material:

This material is particularly abrasive among 3D printing filaments. Users may find standard brass nozzles are chewed through very quickly compared to standard wear and tear. When worn through, the nozzle diameter will widen inconsistently and the printer will experience extrusion issues.

Because of this, it’s strongly recommended this material be printed through a hardened steel nozzle rather than a softer metal. Hardened steel nozzles can often be inexpensive and easily installed depending on your printer manufacturer’s instructions.

Matter3D’s Carbon Fiber PETg is precision extruded and immediately vacuum-sealed before shipping with desiccant for protection against moisture. This product is available in 1 kg spools (2.2 lbs) and can also be ordered on a 1kg Master Spool. Matter3D always recommends drying your filaments before use.

This filament is ideal for use with practically all desktop 3D printers, such as Makerbot, Prusa, Ender, Flashforge, Anet, Creality, Lulzbot, Makergear, Ultimaker, or any other printer accepting 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm filament.

Proudly compounded and manufactured in Canada!


  • Specifications:
  • Product Name: Carbon Fiber PETg
  • Product Code: FIL-1031-00-10-
  • Diameter:
  • 1.75 +/- 0.05mm
  • 2.85 +/- 0.05mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Length: 335 m
  • Density: 1.24 g/cc
  • Nozzle Size: ≥ 0.4 mm; We recommend a hardened steel nozzle
  • Nozzle Temp: 245 – 285 °C
  • Bed Temp: 25 – 75 °C
  • Bed Prep: Hairspray, Glue Stick, Polyimide (Kapton) surface
  • Layer Height: ≥ 0.2 mm
  • Print Speed: ≤ 100 mm/sec
  • Fan speed: 0 – 30%