Matter3D Carbon Fiber PETg

Brand Matter3D
Model Carbon Fiber PETg

0C) Matte finish Superior chemical resistance when compared to ABS Amorphous structure giving it low, near isotropic shrinkage Low moisture absorption, 3x lower than ABS Very low odor while printing Wide processing range from 230-270°C Chemical Resistance of PETG: Unstressed tensile bars molded of PETG exhibit good resistance to dilute aqueous solutions of mineral acids, ...

$46.66 $49.99

Matter3d Performance ABS

Brand Matter3D
Model Performance ABS

Product Description: Matter3D’s Performance ABS is a high impact, high temperature, and FDA approved (food and beverage use) material. Performance ABS prints with a clean matte finish and little to no warpage. The material also has low off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is ideal for end-use parts or other applications where high-strength and ...


Matter3D Performance PETg

Brand Matter3d
Model Performance PETg

Product Description:  Matter3D Performance PETg is made from 100% pure resin and has a natural transparent blue color. This material is highly durable, high strength, and extremely chemically resistant. Performance PETg is easier to print than ABS or Nylon, but offers many of the same advanced properties as those engineering-grade resins. Benefits of PETG Include: ...


Everyone Thinker SE Essentially new with custom legs

Brand Eryone
Model Thinker SE

Was a new unit sent to me, but base was warped so I designed my own legs and screen mount for it.


Elegoo Resin – Example Bumped Ad

Brand Elegoo
Model Water Washable

Mmmm Grey


Matter3D Performance PLA

Brand M3D
Model Performance PLA

Matter3D’s Performance PLA is FDA approved for food and beverage use, and is manufactured from pure NatureWorks 3D850 resin. This engineering-grade PLA has higher bulk crystallization and is developed for high-heat (< 85 °C) and high-strength applications (stronger than most ABS materials). Performance PLA is ideal for functional jobs, where greater heat resistance and impact strength are desired. Compared ...

$26.69 $29.99

Creality Ender 6 – Example Featured Ad

Brand Creality
Model Ender 6

Main Feature Of Ender-6 Core-XY 3D Printer Creality New cubic Ender-6 3d printer with higher precision and quick printing speed(3X Speed) in Core -XY Structure. In terms of size, the Ender-6’s 3d printer build volume of 250 x 250 x 400 mm puts it right between an Ender-5 Pro (220 x 220 x 300 mm) ...